EZ Vault is created to help millions of businesses to protect their data and to stay in business even after an event of disaster. Business continuity is the key to the success of the business.

EZ Vault will provide you the secured data storage that you always wanted for an affordable price.

You can backup your valuable data to our site(s) from anywhere in the world! And can retrieve the same from anywhere in the world. Your critical computer files can be safely and securely stored off-site.

EZ Vault is the solution that automates the entire backup process for you. Your files are encrypted (scrambled and password protected), cataloged, and transferred off-site without human intervention. While you do other things! When you suffer a data loss, you can get your files back easily. Irrelevant to where you are. If you require your data on a physical media i.e. CD, we will dispatch you a copy.

We have multiple mirrored sites that are physically separated. Your data is secured at EZ Vault only you have access to your data. You encrypt data with your own key. That make us unique.