We at EZ Vault strive to provide you with the best service there is. Keeping this in mind we offer you a range of options to suite your service need whether it's for personal, small/medium businesses or for large corporations.

We offer very competitive pricing and with the option of choosing either a monthly or an annual payment plan. Before you purchase why not try our 'Free 15 day trial' to see what we are talking about.

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100 MB
US$ 3.59
US$ 43.08
250 MB
US$ 8.90
US$ 106.80
500 MB
US$ 17.95
US$ 215.40
1 GB
US$ 32.90
US$ 394.80
2 GB
US$ 58.80
US$ 705.60
3 GB
US$ 83.70
US$ 1004.40
4 GB
US$ 107.60
US$ 1291.20
5 GB
US$ 131.50
US$ 1578.00
6 GB
US$ 154.40
US$ 1852.80

Customized solutions

If the above options doesn't seem to suit your business or personal requirements, we will provide you with a solution that's 100% suited for you.

Just click on the email link and tell us what you need. E-MAIL

Data Recovery (CD)

In case you require backed up data on CD(s) due to some unforeseen ciscumstances we will ship out your valuable data in multiple CD's (Depends on the volume) which are already encrypted and can only be read by you using your 'Security Key'

Each CD
US$ 7.99 (Plus Shipping)*

* We can either use your own shipping account or will be billed based on actual shipping costs incured.