At a predetermined time, EZVault Backup System "wakes up" and determines which files need backing up. You can select between full or incremental backup and if you have select incremental backups it will check your files for changes using advanced FastBIT(it's six times smaller and faster than Delta Block technology most systems used) technology.



It will encrypt your data selected for backup using a key only known to you. There after it compress your data. Depending on files type compress data with a compression ratio up to be 75% and that will let you to have a even larger data space than you paying for.



Then it uploads your data to EZVault server over your Internet connection. If the Internet connection needs to bring up before backup like Dialup, EZVault backup system will bring up your Internet connection before backing up.



You won't be able to restore data if you lose encryption key, as you are the only one knows the encryption key. We do this to protect your data privacy, we guarantee nobody have access to data without secret key.



You can restore data anytime you like using the restore window by selecting specific files or all files, and you can select to restore the files to original location or to a different location.



You can delete the files that you no longer needed to free your space on EZVault system just by selecting the files you want to delete.



You will be prompt when your file size on EZVault server reaches 90% and it will allow you to upload files until it reaches 110%. You can easily upgrade your disk space by emailing our customer support anytime.