Ever wonders how your business would be affected, if you suddenly loss all your data?

Why risk your valuable data when EZ-Vault secure backup is easy and affordable?

Backing up your data is essential to your peace of mind and to the smooth running of your business.

How much do you value your valuable data?
Surely it can be very much more than the daily cost of our service.

You might think that the information stored in your computer is safe ...IS IT?

There are frightening amount of ways to lose your critical data: a lightning strike, fire, theft, system/hard-drive failures, virus infection, corruption, accidental erasure or vandalism or even a spilt cup of coffee! Accidents can and do happen, and your computer can easily be replaced the next day, but how long would it take you to re-enter all the business data, data that your company depends on? Weeks? Months? What if some of your data simply could not be replaced?

At EZ-VAULT, we believe that your data is very valuable. Ultimately, only you can decide what the value of that data is, and what measures you will take to ensure the continued success of your business. We have the best answer for protecting your business against data loss.

Whether you want to back up your own computers, or if you have an Internet host and want to provide this valuable service for others, EZ-VAULT is the reliable, affordable, secure solution!

Many Companies do backup their data periodically, however they also without thinking
- Leave them near the computer.
- Store the backups on another computer on the LAN.
- Overwrite tapes out of sequence.
- Place copies in a fire safe but fail to update ID labels.
- Rely on administration staff to remember to backup every night.

And leave data at risk.

Surely, you have the answer to this with EZ-VAULT.