Getting Started Wizard to help first-time users



Easy to use windows Explorer-like interface



Silent mode runs backups invisibly in the background



Available in English, German and Dutch



FastBIT binary incremental backups can accurately extract the changes that you've made to the file since your last backup and it will save your bandwidth and backup will be much more faster and efficient.



Customizable backup sets



Automatic Online Upgrades without user intervention



Supports Dial-Up Networking and bring up the dialup Internet before backup schedule time



Comprehensive backup scheduling



Auto retry feature incase of break and continue from the point it failed



File Selection Filters enable you to include or exclude files depending on file type (for example to include Microsoft® Word files)



Encryption and compression for Data protection and to make backup in lesser time



Right-mouse click and drag-and-drop support for easy access



System Tray icon for easy access to important features



Event Manager will inform you about problems and other important notifications



E-mail Notification allow user to automatically receive email notifications about state of backup after it's done. (or to email incase of a failure or a problem)



Customizable Toolbars



Easy restoration at any time



Delete option enable to delete unnecessary files and free your space at EZVault system.



You can Set your PC to log off, shut down or to restart after performing the backup