1. What Operating Systems does EZ-Vault Client software work on?

EZ-Vault Client software is design to work on Windows based operating systems. It will work on Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

2. Can I backup other platforms with my NovaNet-WEB Client software?

EZ-Vault Client software will only run natively on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. If you want to backup computers with other operating systems, it is possible. Here's how… Since EZ-Vault Client supports mapped network drives and the Network Neighborhood, it can backup data from any computer that is accessible via the network. A single EZ-Vault Client can backup the local computer and any number of local or remote network computers using powerful user interface.

3. Does EZ-Vault offer any assistance for first time users?

EZ-Vault has two options for first time users. We offer a web based self-service program that also includes the ability to submit questions and issues to an EZ-Vault technician. This is included as part of the EZ-Vault service at no charge.
The second option available is part of our Business Continuity services unit. This unit can provide assistance either via phone or in person. There is a fee associated with this option.
These options are in addition to the EZ-Vault wizard that guides first time users through the process of installation, setup and backup.

4. What happens to my data if a power failure occurs while backing up my files?

The EZ-Vault service has a restart/recovery option that enables a user to restart a backup if there is a problem during the session. This allows the user to restart the backup at the point of the problem, not from the beginning.

5. Is there a way of making sure my data does not have any errors?

All of the software, processes and systems that EZ-Vault has in use undergo extensive regression testing to insure quality and accuracy of all our customers data.
It's a good idea for you to view log files to confirm that the last backup was successful or not. In addition, it is possible to configure the client software to Email you if an error occurs. We recommend you restore your data to a different location periodically and to check the integrity of the data for maximum protection.

6. Is my data safe from viruses?

EZ-Vault handles protection from virus in two layers. First, EZ-Vault scans your information prior to backup to ensure that infected data is not backed up. Second, EZ-Vault has a combination of secure processes and technology to ensure that a virus cannot penetrate your data while stored in our servers.
If your files are infected with virus at the time of backup, our Antivirus Virus software will not backup infected files. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep an antivirus scanner up to date.

7. With my data stored at EZ-Vault, is it possible for someone to access or copy my data?

To protect anyone from accessing data stored at EZ-Vault. EZ-Vault implemented user authentication and access control so a user can only obtain access to their own information. Your data appears encrypted even to EZ-Vault employees.
At the time of client software installation, you are given a Secret key. The only way to recover or see your data is to know the Secret key. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to keep your secret key secure.

8. If I forget or misplace my password do I get a new password?

The EZ-Vault service consists of a user id and password for authentication, along with a key for encryption. The encryption key is not stored by EZ-Vault and cannot be recovered if lost. The user id and password can be recovered using a standard procedure and or to create a new password and sent to you via e-mail.

9. Could I use my EZ-Vault account on other machines?

You can only use one account on a single PC. However, you can map other computers to the computer you are running EZ-Vault Backup software then select those drives also for backup.

10. If I discontinue the EZ-Vault service what happens to my data?

Upon a customer request to discontinue EZ-Vault service we provide an option to archive the information and keep it for 30 days. During that time the customer can request that the archived information be sent to them for a nominal handling fee. If the customer does not choose this option, then the information will be removed from our systems within 3 days.

11. What happens if I lose my connection during a back up or restore?

If you lose the Internet connection while backing up, the client software will retry to start your backup again. The default setting will try 12 times with 10 min. time intervals. You can change number of retries and time between retries as you wish. Restart the client software and the backup process is capable of continuing from the point of interruption.

12. Does EZ-Vault use encryption or compression?

EZ-Vault uses encryption and then compression before uploading to an EZ-Vault server. You can select between three encryption algorithms, DES, Triple DES and Blowfish. Blowfish is the default encryption method and we encourage you to use Blowfish as the encryption algorithm.
Depending on file types you backup, compression ratio could be up to 75% and that will let you have an even larger data space than you are paying for.

13. Is it difficult to restore data?

We have refined our methodology for both the backup and restoration process so that it can be completely non-intrusive to our customers. Our corporate mission is to ensure that our customers can restore their systems accurately and consistent with there own business needs. Our customers also have the option to work with our specialists to customize the processes where necessary.

14. Is there any indication that my data was backed up successfully?

Yes. Log files created after backup is a good source to know the status of backup process. In addition, you can configure client software to send emails after successful backup or if only error/warning occur.

15. How secure is my data at EZ-Vault?

All of our EZ-Vault facilities have advanced physical security with 2 levels of challenging to protect the integrity of our site and our systems. We store your information at two of our locations to ensure complete resiliency.

16. Do I need to upgrade client software manually when the updates are available?

When the client software wakes up at the scheduled backup time, first it will look for upgrade availability. If there is an upgrade available, client software is capable of upgrading itself without any user intervention.

17. What is FastBIT technology?

FastBIT is the most effective incremental backup technology available today. It uses a complex algorithm to precisely identify the changes that have been made to any type of file since the last backup. These changes are transmitted to the EZ-Vault Server, requiring minimal bandwidth. Once the server receives these changes, it can combine them with the previous backup to form an identical copy of your current file.

18. Why is FastBIT important to me?

If you are an end-user, the efficiency of FastBIT will dramatically reduce the time required to backup your data from any network location, including slow dialup connections.

If you are the server administrator, FastBIT will minimize your overall bandwidth utilization for a large installed base. FastBIT will also provide the most cost-effective method of storing ongoing file histories for every user. FastBIT backups can be 15 times smaller than the nearest competitor.

19. When connecting to EZ-Vault servers using the back up procedure, is it possible for someone to hack my system?

Using the EZ-Vault service does not introduce any additional vulnerability into your network and systems. All communications between your Machine/s and EZ-Vault is encrypted and authenticated for maximum security.
We offer an optional security audit to identify risks and make recommendations to manage those risks.

20. If I don't feel secure using the Internet for my back up what are my options?

EZ-Vault has alternative options to the Internet for backup. We support a dial-in facility; however it is slow and will likely take much longer to backup files. We also can support private lines to our facility, but it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the communication lines.